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Tambaraine Boran Sires

MHB06-30 Rustin

Maroela 25 x KPO 21

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One of Tambaraine Borans main stud bulls.
The son of 2016 ARC national best elite cow (TLM 05-44).
Sire MHB 06-30(Rustin)
This is the result of oustanding genotype and phenotype combined together.

E 15 -72 (B).JPG
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E 15-113 "Lihele" 
(MHB 06-30 X TLM 4-16) 

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TLM 02-12


TLM 02-12 Bought at a S.A. record price on the National Boran sale in 2006 for R370 000.00. He is a son of the well known Mogwooni 2459. Mogwooni 2459 is rated as the best balanced bull ever bred in Kenya.

The mother of this exceptional bull TLM 02-12, is Segera ZF 3675. Rated by experts, as the best cow that was ever flushed in Kenya. TLM 02-12 first 3 female progeny sold for an average of R175 000.00. A 12 months old daughter of him sold for a S.A. record price of R270 000.00. 
Approximately 150 of his female offspring form part of the Tambaraine herd. The number will be increased to 250 in the near future.

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(B05-98 X HVT 01 00)

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CFH 08 173

HVT 97 017 X B 04 020 (717)

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E 13 - 66

CFH 08 – 173 X E 09 – 48

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TLM 02 11

"A bull with good muscling, capacity and depth. Progeny are early maturing."

Purchased on the total dispersal sale of Keta Boran stud in Vryburg- February 2006. He was one of the main stud bulls that was used in the Keta stud. He was selected as the result of the impression that his embryo offspring out of about 70 calves made on us on the day of the sale.

He is a son of Ol Petjeta KPO 791 x Mogwooni K6 2748. TLM 02-11 is a FULL BROTHER to the well known cow TLM02-17. She was bought at a S.A. record price of R160 000.00 at the Keta dispersal sale. She is the mother of "KONING" the R900 000.00 selling bull.

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Full sister of TLM 02-11. Mother of "Koning" R900 000.00 selling bull.

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Bought for R55 000.00 as a 2 month old embryo calf at the Keta dispersal sale. Her mother GF 2 T is currently part of the Tambaraine herd.

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HVT 04-18 Timmy

HVT 04-18 is a son of HVT 98-22. The most genetically diverse Kenyan Boran Bull in use in S.A. His mother is Outspan HVT 95-23. HVT 98-22 was sired by Segera 765, and the dam is Delamere DE 10.
"A typical Boran bull with strong head, width,capacity and good muscling. Strong boned."

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Young bull sired by HVT 04-18.

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HVT 04-18 X E07 –11 (TLM 02-12 daughter)

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TLM 05-526 Koning

The outstanding characteristics of “Koning” (TLM 05-526), is a combination of two well known Kenyan bloodlines – Mogwooni 2459 and Ol Petjeta 791. This bull made history in June 2008 when it was sold for R900 000.00 to a syndicate of Boran breeders.

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FN 11-229 “Derby”

A combination of NDA 9 and Mogwooni 3094, line bred with the matriarch cow Segera 3089.

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Samson WZ13-51

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