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"Tambaraine Boran"

Entire herd sold July 2020

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Tambaraine Boran History: History
Tambaraine Boran History: Our Farm

Why cattlemen prefer Tambaraine Boran Genetics

  1. Our cattle are known for exceptional length, width and depth.

  2. Exceptional length and width in the herd manifests into a higher dressing out percentage.

  3. Exceptional depth results in high adaptability to veld conditions.

  4. Exceptional after weaning growth, therefore our cattle are greatly accepted at the feedlots.

  5. The Tambaraine herd is fully performance tested with trustworthy breeding values.

  6. All cattle in the Tambaraine herd are sire verified by DNA.

  7. Only the best 10% of our bulls are offered as breeding bulls.

  8. Fertility and milk production is non negotiable in our herd, which led to the Tambaraine herd receiving numerous awards from the SA Boran Cattle Breeders Society, SA Studbook and the Agricultural Research Council.

  9. In future all our bulls will be tested for meat tenderness through DNA markers.

  10. Our mission will always be to breed superior cattle with which the consumer and cattle farmer will be highly satisfied.

Tambaraine Boran History: Headliner

Tambaraine Boran

Welcome to the home of pure bred horned and polled red cattle. A Herd established from the best Kenyan, Zambian, and Zimbabwean genetics. Our cattle run on Redwater and Gallsickness veld.
Eloff & Stephen Muller are currently the 7th generation on the farm Athlone in the Mossel Bay district. The Muller family has made their mark in stud breeding since 1966. Quality Boran cattle is their motto. Tambaraine Boran’s are proud to present their cattle on their annual Boran sales. Buyers are also welcome to private on-farm sales. We believe in the Boran and suggest that you do too!

Tambaraine Boran History: Welcome

Our mission

To breed highly fertile animals with a cow-calf wean ratio of (205 days) 60%. We already have animals with a ratio of (205 days) 70%!

Tambaraine Boran History: Mission

Tambaraine Boran Awards


2019 ARC National Best Elite Boran Cow Award E08-0088 received by Eloff Muller


2018 ARC National Best Elite Boran Cow Award E08-63 received by Stephen Muller


2016-ARC National Best Elite Boran Cow Award for TLM 05-0044 received by Stephen Muller.

Tambaraine Boran History: Upcoming Events
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