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Members of S.A. Studbook since 1967.

The family farm is situated (sixth generation) in the Mosselbay district. The main farming activities are Dohne-Merino sheep and Boran cattle. 
The area I farm in varies from Sourveld in the mountainous part to sweeter veld nearer to the coast. Rainfall varies between 400mm to 600mm per year.
In 2004 I bought my first Boran bull from Tim Ralfe of KwaZulu Natal, one of the pioneers of the Boran breed. This bull was mated to Nguni cows. I was very impressed by the F1 offspring and decided to buy another Boran bull from the late David Green of Estcourt.
As a result of the impression which the upgraded Nguni cattle made on me, I decided to start a Boran stud. After 40 years in stud business I knew that in order to fall in the top 3% of studbreeders, I had to obtain the best genetics possible. This was made possible when Terry McLintock “ Keta Boran Stud” held a dispersal sale in February 2006.
McLintock selected some of the best Boran cattle in Kenya, flushed embryos and brought them to S.A. He specifically selected red, early maturing medium framed animals.
The animals which I obtained from his sale form the foundation of the Tambaraine herd as it is today, consisting of the best Boran genetics of Kenya 65%, Zambia 22%, and Zimbabwe 3%. The rest, 10% is of own breeding.
In July 2020 we sold the entire Tambaraine Boran herd to Jaco van der Walt from Naboomspruit.

Read more about our history with the Boran Breed: Our Farm
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