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Tambaraine Bonsmara

The Muller family has a rich history in the Mossel Bay district.  Tambaraine Pty Ltd is a family operated agricultural enterprise, mainly farming with Dohne Merino sheep.  We strive to produce superior quality wool and mutton.

Eloff & Stephen Muller are currently the 7th generation on the farm Athlone in the Mossel Bay district. The Muller family has made their mark in stud breeding since 1966. 

In 2021 we started our Bonsmara cattle Stud - Tambaraine Bonsmara. We have a great passion for cattle ranching. Only the very best genetics are selected throughout our selection program.

The area we farm in varies from Sourveld in the mountainous part to sweeter veld nearer to the coast. Rainfall varies between 400mm to 600mm per year.

Members of S.A. Studbook since 1967.

Tambaraine Pty Ltd: Our Farm

Tambaraine Stud Sire


LAR17-339 is truly an exceptional proven herd sire purchased at the Up George Bonsmara Auction 22 July 2021 for R1,500,000.00. He is out of an elite Royal Family dam line as well as his proven dam. His dam LAR08-168, an Elite Gold cow 104/9 calves, 383 ICP. The grand dam LAR05-151, Elite Bronze cow, 104/12 calves 371 ICP, who is still in the Up George Bonsmara herd and dam of herd sire LAR09-281.
LAR17-339, with a dark quality coat, a bull difficult to fault with exceptional length, capacity and has exceptional EBV's on wean direct 144, growth, Post wean value 148, ADG 135, length 127. A bull short on the leg and carries his exceptional weight in his capacity, width and length. Above all he breeds true to type, is very prepotent with exceptional quality calves, both bulls and females. A very fertile bull who has been used for 2 seasons in the Up George Bonsmara stud herd with 100% of his cows in calf, average of his summer crop of calves is 36kg with the average of all calves on the farm being 35kgs. A bull to increase weaner production, fertility, longevity, milk and to breed exceptional replacement heifers as well as masculine quality bulls with good heads and muzzles.



Proven herd sire with exceptional quality.


Sire of LAR17-339



Dam of LAR17-339. Elite Gold cow. Royal Family cow at Up George Bonsmaras.


Stalwart cow at Up George. Elite Bronze. 104/12 calves. Dam of LAR08-168 and herd sire LAR09-281. Grand dam of LAR17-339. Very influential cow.

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Tambaraine Dams


Lot 51. LAR21-158
A quality 4 star heifer with near perfect conformation, with some of the best bloodlines in the Bonsmara industry - bought on the Bonsmara National Sale March 2024, Afridome Parys. (Record price of R320,000.00)
A daughter of LAR17-292, one of the best LAR14-173 sons.
Her dam LAR18-33 is an exceptionally well-bred daughter of LAR14-446 (LAR95-50 son) and the sister to LAR20-284 (LAR17-339 son).


LAR17-292 - Sire of LAR21-158.
An impressive son of LAR14-173. A well muscled, well balanced bull who does not carry the DM gene. He breeds consistently well, both females and males.


LAR18-033 - Dam of LAR21-158.
She is a LAR14-446 daughter and is the sister to LAR20-284. (Same dam) LAR14-446 dam is the Elite cow LAR95-50, and he was her last calf at 19 years old. 
LAR18-033 is a beautiful feminine cow with milk, fertility and longevity. She has width and capacity and a beautiful head which is dominant in her offspring.

LOT 40.jpeg

Lot 40. LAR20-156
A top lot at the Bonsmara National Sale on 15th March 2023.
Afridome, Parys.
She is a 5 star, 9 score daughter of LAR17-339 (Tambaraine Bonsmara Herd Sire).
She is the full package with outstanding breeding values to back her. Exceptional on milk, fertility, calf growth and cow value.

LAR17-339. Sire of Lot 40..jpeg

LAR17-339. Sire of Lot 40. A herd sire with a reputable history of dam lines.

LAR17-292. Lot 40 is 4 months in calf to this bull LAR17-292..jpeg

LAR17-292. Lot 40 was 4 months in calf to this bull LAR17-292. One of the best sons of LAR14-173 used at Up George.

Lot 41.jpeg

Lot 41. LAR20-271
A beautiful, quality Daughter of LAR17-358.
4 months in calf to LAR21-072 (Son of LAR18-016).
Bonsmara National Sale.
15th March 2023
Afridome, Parys.
SA Record Price for a Bonsmara Heifer on the National Bonsmara Sale - R260,000.00.

LAR17-358. Sire of Lot 41.jpeg

LAR17-358. Sire of Lot 41

LAR18 236 Bull Calf LAR21 231.jpeg

LAR18-236 and bull calf LAR21-231. A promising bull calve sired by LAR17-292 out of a top dam LAR18-236 with a sound genetic background. Bonsmara SA National Auction 2022: SA Record Price - R550,000.00.

LAR21 231.jpeg

Bull calf LAR21-231 sired by LAR17-292.


LAR17-292. Son of LAR14-173. Sire of Bull calf LAR21-231.


LAR09-342. A beautiful Elite Gold cow, daughter of LAR06-224. With bull calf LAR21-022 sired by LAR17-339.
Bought for R260,000.00 at the Up George Bonsmara Auction 22 July 2021.


LAR21-022, calf of LAR09-342.


LAR09-236. A top proven 5 star cow. Bought with exceptional heifer calf sired by LAR17-339. In calf again to LAR18-039, son of LAR14-200. 
Up George Bonsmara Auction 22 July 2021: Highest price female - R300,000.00.


LAR21-012, calf of LAR09-236.


AG11-251, Elite Gold Cow.
AG Bonsmara Auction
Arcadia, Vrede
Lot 181
Cow and Calf: Highest price female - R180,000.00

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LAR17-339 Progeny


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