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Tambaraine Bonsmaras proudly present this magnificent LAR17-339 son.

This is the first progeny of LAR17-339 on offer by Tambaraine Bonsmaras.

LAR21-22 was born 01/05/2021 out of LAR17-339 (sire) and LAR09-342 (dam).

LAR21-22 tested clean for the Myostatin genes: Q204X, nt821, F94L.

Weaning Growth 136

Milk 100

Cow Value 113

Weaning Calf Value 131

Feed Conversion 112

True to his sire, this bull is difficult to fault, with exceptional length, width and capacity.

The perfect combination for any herd. Indeed the full package.

You are welcome to contact Eloff Muller 0824166518 should you be interested in this bull on offer.

His dam LAR09-342 (the absolute Ideal Bonsmara cow) is an Elite Gold Cow, with the following outstanding breeding values.

Birth Mass 105

Calf Growth 118

Maintenance 113

Cow Value 118

Production Value 117

His sire LAR17-339 is truly an exceptional proven herd sire.

He is out of an elite Royal Family dam line as well as his proven dam.

Above all he breeds true to type, is very prepotent with exceptional quality calves, both bulls and females. A bull to increase weaner production, fertility, longevity, milk and to breed exceptional replacement heifers as well as masculine quality bulls with good heads and muzzles.

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(Sire of LAR21-22)

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(Dam) with Bull Calf LAR21-22

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